Mangoes Mangoes Mangoes!


Finally a decent internet connection, though still slow as @#$%, even though i have to “borrow” it from my neighbour.  So what have I been doing all these days? Eating MANGOES! I’m on a mango diet, I have a mango at every meal.  There is nothing like a Goan mango.  It has just the right amount of sweetness, very juicy, fleshy, it puts all the other mangoes to shame.  Everyone should try a Goan mango before they die.  This one is called Musrad/Monserrate (not sure about the spelling, but it’s pronounced “moose-raad” Smile with tongue out) These are my favourite because we make mango jam from these.  Last time we came, our tree was full, about 200 mangoes or more, we ended up giving a whole bunch to our family and we took 2 extra suitcases full of just mango jam Smile!


And this one is called Malcurad/Mankurad (pronounced “mul-coo-raad).  This one really sweet as well.  I’ll take a picture of my own once I go to the market, for now:

I’m making plans to grow an orchard full of mostly mango trees with a mix of jackfruit/cashew/custard apple/coconut trees!  For now, I’m off to eat another mango! bye.


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