A Post About Posts


I know I know, I’ve been MIA, but I’m back! at least for the time being.  I’ve decided to write more since I was harassed by Red about my lack of content, and that’s putting it mildly.  You should have seen the scene she made when we met!  So to pacify her, I’m creating a blog post about writing more blog posts.  Hey, they say if you want things to happen, write them down.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  OK, so my upcoming posts are going to be travel related, in light of my upcoming trip:

  • What’s on your travel bucket list?

List 10 destinations, with 1 photo to represent each place, that you want to visit in your lifetime.  RANDOMRED, I challenge you to do this as well, ok fine, even 5 places is “adequate”

  • A review of the thai restaurant I visited the other day, It has a very thai name!
  • A blurb about my upcoming trip, I don’t think I’ve ever profiled where I’m from.

Stay tuned.


Body checked in the food aisle

Ok, I finally have some time to write.  By the way, did you see notice something new about my blog? hint: ^^^^^^^^^ its my new header image!!  It’s my first time making one and I like it! I’m so proud of myself :P  The images are from my time in Europe last year.  Free candy if you can guess all the places.

So a little bit about last year.  As my faithful reader knows, I was living in Denmark, beautiful country.  It’s so laid back for a western nation, people are so calm and relaxed.  It’s definitely not the go-go-go mentality like here.  I feel like they really enjoy life there, it’s not all work and no play.  And the work culture, amazing.  Once it’s time to go home, they go home, none of that staying late business.  Here, staying late can mean the difference between being promoted or not.  There, it means you can’t get your work done and are lazy/inefficient.  And they get five weeks paid vacation. Even entry level staff! O_O  The transit was awesome, driverless trains, 24/7 metro, indicators of when the next train and bus will arrive (yes, all most of the bus stops have real time bus timings, all the subways have it), being able to bike pretty much everywhere.  Cost of living is high and so are the taxes but they do get a lot back.  No wonder they’re the happiest people on earth.  And not a single fat person (ok I did see some, but they were north american tourists) 😛 so no more worries of being body-checked in the food aisles just cause you took the last pack of bacon or being impaled by a pole on the subway because someone decided they would squeeze into the middle seat or even being pushed onto the street cause the sidewalk ain’t big enough.  And the amazing race was there! I visited the places they went to, too bad they weren’t there when I came, I would’ve have died (actually I would’ve stole a clue).

120I loved living in Copenhagen.  It was a completely different experience and I lived in the coolest building, they spent more money on my building than some of the tourist sites in Copenhagen.  I lived with a great group of people and learned how to cook! Not instant noodle, ready-made stuff, but real food like thai green curry, garlic roasted chicken, rice :D, homemade spaghetti sauce (not the can bought stuff), etc.  The kitchen was great, very high tech, all touch screen stuff.  Part 2 to come.  Stay tuned.

The cleaning never ends…

But I think I’m finished! My first post of 2012, Happy New Year!! woot woot, the year’s still new so I can still say it. Right? So I finally cleaned up my blog and made it new again.  New Year, New Blog.  I re-read all my old blog posts and can not believe how much I wrote.  And I wrote some really good stuff! 😛 I hope I continue that trend this year.  Last year was amazing, I haven’t had fun like that in such a long time.  I know you’re dying to hear all about it, especially Red (:  My next few posts will most likely be of that.  I’ll try to write a bit more later today but I’m hungry now and that could take a while.  So how’s the new look? I still need to find a good header image.